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We are Sleep the Owls...Kenneth Ellsworth + Chris Jones.  Just two guys who love making music.  It's usually rock.  It's usually dark, but not always.  Sometimes there is folk, or blues, or sludge mixed in...maybe a little pop, though it's pop with some dirt sprinkled on top.  We try not to get in the way of the music by having predefined notions of what it is or should be.  Each song begins with a single germ - a drum beat, a guitar riff, an image, a lyric line.  Meaning begins to develop, and everything else serves to reinforce that idea.  The end result may be a single voice over an acoustic guitar, or it may be a wall of sound punctuated with heavy, primal drums.

We knew we wanted a rich, full sound that guitar and drums alone didn't provide.  So I built a new guitar, one you cannot find in your local music store.  It is a guitar/bass hybrid designed to be played through three different amps.  Mix that with Chris' hard-hitting and intricate work on the drums, and you won't lack for fullness.  Hear for yourself...we would love to see you at our next show... 

See you then,